Collection: The Zodiac Collection

The Zodiac Collection includes all the zodiac charms for each month of the year, from January to December. There are 12 zodiac charms that represent 12 months of the year.

December 22 to January 19: Capricorn
January 20 to February 19: Aquarius
February 20 to March 20: Pisces
March 21 to April 20: Aries
April 21 to May 20: Taurus
May 21 to June 20: Gemini
June 21 to July 22: Cancer
July 23 to August 22: Leo
August 23 to September 22: Virgo
September 23 to October 22: Libra
October 23 to November 22: Scorpio
November 23 to December 21: Sagittarius

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